There are many reasons people need to consider filing a Bankruptcy. Expensive cars with high monthly payments or increasing credit card debt may be a result of bad decisions. Family financial situations can also be affected through no fault of your own. Business failure, unexpected job loss, layoffs, medical emergencies, loss of a spouse, and uninsured medical costs may not be choices you have made but can certainly cause financial stress. Bill collectors will send letters, call you at home and work. The filing of collection actions and garnishment of wages further hurt your ability to provide for your family basics which in turn can affect your marriage, personal relationships and even your health. Our office has years of experience working with debtors and creditors to resolve financial problems. Bankruptcy is but one way to resolve debt problems. There are many misconceptions regarding bankruptcy including losing all of your property, your ability to obtain credit etc. but every person’s financial situation is unique. We would like the opportunity to help you explore your options to help you get back on track.